Fantastic consideration has been compensated on environmental security and strength saving. we supply one particular-end answer for the purchase of mechanical electricity transmission products in China. Our goods are applied in several fields. EPTT EPT JCEPs Camlock Coupling

Characteristics of EPTT Camlock Coupling:
one. EPT: EPTT.
2. Measurement: one/2 quot to eight quot10 quot, 12 quot.
3. Kind: A, B, C, D, E, F, DC, DP.
four. Threads: BSP, NPT.

Camlock Coupling:
Our camlock couplings are conforming to the stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd of A – A-59326 (previously referred to as MIL-C-27487) or DIN 2828.
EPTT strategy: Gravity casting.
EPT of EPTT Camlock Coupling:
Physique material of camlock fitting: EPTT.
Cam EPTs of camlock fitting: stainless metal cam EPTs. Brass cam EPTs could be EPT.
Pins Rings and JCEPty clips of camlock: Steel plated pins, rings and JCEPty clips.
EPT substance of quick coupler: NBR. EPTDM, viton, PTFE enveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. gasket are accessible on ask for.
Threads: NPT, BSP (We normally make the woman thread pXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.lel BSPP, and male thread EPTTred BSPT).

Technical specs of EPTT Camlock Coupling:

EPTT Camlock Measurements
Portion No. Variety Inch Measurement Component No. Type Inch Size
GNACA050 A 1/2 quot GNACB050 B 1/two quot
GNACA075 A 3/4 quot GNACB075 B 3/four quot
GNACA571 A one quot GNACB571 B one quot
GNACA125 A 1-1/four quot GNACB125 B one-one/4 quot
GNACA150 A 1-one/two quot GNACB150 B 1-one/two quot
GNACA200 A two quot GNACB200 B 2 quot
GNACA250 A 2-one/two quot GNACB250 B two-1/2 quot
GNACA300 A three quot GNACB300 B 3 quot
GNACA400 A four quot GNACB400 B four quot
GNACA500 A 5 quot GNACB500 B 5 quot
GNACA600 A 6 quot GNACB600 B six quot
GNACA800 A 8 quot GNACB800 B eight quot
Portion No. Kind Inch Size Element No. Kind Inch Measurement
GNACC050 C one/two quot GNACE050 E 1/2 quot
GNACC075 C three/4 quot GNACE075 E three/four quot
GNACC571 C one quot GNACE571 E 1 quot
GNACC125 C one-1/4 quot GNACE125 E 1-one/4 quot
GNACC150 C 1-1/two quot GNACE150 E 1-one/two quot
GNACC200 C two quot GNACE200 E two quot
GNACC250 C two-one/two quot GNACE250 E 2-1/2 quot
GNACC300 C three quot GNACE300 E three quot
GNACC400 C 4 quot GNACE400 E 4 quot
GNACC500 C 5 quot GNACE500 E 5 quot
GNACC600 C six quot GNACE600 E six quot
GNACC800 C 8 quot GNACE800 E 8 quot
GNACC1000 C ten quot GNACE1000 E 10 quot
GNACC1200 C 12 quot GNACE1200 E 12 quot
Portion No. Sort Inch Dimensions Portion No. Kind Inch Measurement
GNACD050 D 1/2 quot GNACF050 F one/2 quot
GNACD075 D three/4 quot GNACF075 F three/4 quot
GNACD571 D 1 quot GNACF571 F 1 quot
GNACD125 D 1-one/4 quot GNACF125 F 1-one/four quot
GNACD150 D one-one/2 quot GNACF150 F 1-1/two quot
GNACD200 D two quot GNACF200 F 2 quot
GNACD250 D two-1/2 quot GNACF250 F 2-one/two quot
GNACD300 D three quot GNACF300 F three quot
GNACD400 D 4 quot GNACF400 F 4 quot
GNACD500 D five quot GNACF500 F 5 quot
GNACD600 D six quot GNACF600 F 6 quot
GNACD800 D 8 quot GNACF800 F 8 quot
Element No. Type Inch Size Component No. Kind Inch Measurement
GNACDC050 DC 1/2 quot GNACDP050 DP 1/2 quot
GNACDC075 DC three/four quot GNACDP075 DP three/four quot
GNACDC571 DC one quot GNACDP571 DP 1 quot
GNACDC125 DC 1-one/four quot GNACDP125 DP one-1/four quot
GNACDC150 DC one-one/two quot GNACDP150 DP 1-1/two quot
GNACDC200 DC 2 quot GNACDP200 DP 2 quot
GNACDC250 DC two-1/two quot GNACDP250 DP two-1/2 quot
GNACDC300 DC three quot GNACDP300 DP 3 quot
GNACDC400 DC 4 quot GNACDP400 DP 4 quot
GNACDC500 DC five quot GNACDP500 DP five quot
GNACDC600 DC six quot GNACDP600 DP 6 quot
GNACDC800 DC 8 quot GNACDP800 DP 8 quot